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Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation

This procedure involves surgery to place electrodes inside the inner brain to stimulate to improve the function of the brain affected by the disease

The type of disease

Some conditions that can be handled with DBS include:

  • Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease
  • Essential Tremor
  • Distonia

Patient Selection

Your Neurologist can refer to our team if you have any of the above diseases and can not be treated optimally with medication. At your National Brain Medical Center you will be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team to determine if you are a suitable patient for this therapy. The team will also help optimize your existing therapies and ensure that the entire therapy process at our center is working well

Installation Process

The surgery is performed with the patient consciously with local anesthesia. This is so that during the operation of the existing motion disturbance can be evaluated.

Before surgery, an iron frame is placed in the head and the patient will undergo a CT scan. From these CT scans with the help of computers can be calculated coordimat target location of electrode mounting for DBS. Afterwards the patient will be taken to the operating room. The operation is modulated by making a small incision to create a hole through which the electrode will pass.

Electrodes for stimulation and recording will be installed to ensure location. Once the location is believed to be correct, a permanent DBS electrode will be installed. After that will be installed electromagnetic devices in the chest or abdomen that will be connected with electrodes in the brain

The entire procedure runs for approximately 6 hours. Afterwards you will be treated for 1-2 days in the hospital to ensure there are no complications

Alternative Treatment

You may not be the right patient for this therapy. This incompatibility may be due to age, immune status, geographic costs or difficulties and so on.

At our center in addition to drug therapy you will be optimized, can be performed ablation therapy (Thalamotomi or Pallidotomy). This therapy is almost similar to the DBS procedure but without implants. The disadvantage of this therapy is that the effects are more or less permanent and can not be adjusted, while DBS can be programmed to increase or decrease the stimulating effects

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